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Otto in the City - Tom Schamp
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Wow, this book is overwhelming! 

This is a Loop Book, which means you read it one way, then turn it around and flip backwards to finish the story. This is a very creative way to tell a there-and-back-again story. 

The pictures in this book are very busy. Proceed with caution! No lie, I get a headache every time I open this book. The illustrations are cool and there is so much to discover and find, but it can be a little much. I think you just have to know your audience with this one. Recommended for kids who enjoy messiness and mayhem. There is so much to see in this book, but it is not for everyone. For the right kid, I can see this entertaining them for quite a while as they examine all of the craziness going on in each page. 

The book shows Otto's trip to the city with his dad and then the drive home. It's not really a story, but there is still a lot going on. There are tons of funny and weird things to find in the pictures. There are things for all ages, from general silliness to more advanced puns. 

Interesting book with a unique premise that can keep the right kid enthralled for quite a while. It can be read over and over again and you'll still find something new each time. Just be careful of dizziness.