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I'm Bored - Michael Ian Black, Debbie Ridpath Ohi
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I'm a little conflicted about this one. It's a fun, entertaining, hilarious, engaging book, but in the past week, I've read it over and over again with a few 3-5-year-olds and now they all love to say how bored they are. But I still think it's a great book, because any book that kids demand you read over-and-over again until you almost never want to see it again has got to be good.

I'd say this is a good book for older children. You know, the ones who say "I'm bored" all the time. the ones this book was meant for. It has a great message about children and boredom. Downside to reading it to younger kids is that I basically just taught them all to say "I'm bored" all the time (I'd like to publicly apologize to all of the parents of the children I work with). The message at the end is pretty subtle and it can easily be missed by young children.

I loved how random the picture were. Every time I got to the first potato page, the kids I read it to were like "Potato?" The looks on their confused little faces were great and the way their eyes widened because they wanted me to keep reading so they could find out what was going on was priceless.

This is also a great book to take turns reading. The text is within the pictures and is usually physically near the character who speaks the line. My kids had a blast taking on the lines of the potato. 

This is a pretty great book and I'm not afraid to admit that I enjoyed it just as much as the kids did.