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Riding the Bullet - Stephen King, Josh Hamilton


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This reads like a hilariously bad ghost story. I am such a wimp when it comes to scary stuff. I'm the person who thinks there's a zombie in the closet and that something hairy is going to grab my foot when it hangs off the bed (other than my cat). I appreciate well-told horror stories, but usually regret reading them when I turn off the light. I have no fear of that happening from reading this. It's a cheesy, overtold story that doesn't offer anything new.

The writing was good, but the story itself was pretty lame. It's mostly predictable and unexciting. 

I haven't read much Stephen King (The Green Mile-loved it! Storm of the Century- it was okay), but based on his reputation, this one was a letdown.

The only redeeming thing was Josh Hamilton's reading of the story. He preformed it very well and I appreciate how he went the extra mile to do "the voices".