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The Uncanny Valley: Tales from a Lost Town - Gregory Miller, John York

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For me, this book was just okay. I liked the idea behind it and the structure was interesting, but I prefer stories that are thorough and fleshed out. Many of these just felt like creepy descriptions rather than complete stories. I will say, I was expecting something entirely different based on the whimsical, colorful cover. 

Definitely a collection of uncanny and macabre stories. As with any collection, some were better than others. I would warn those who don't do well with animal violence to find something else to read. The majority of animals mentioned in the book get hurt or die, usually in grotesque ways. After the first story, I almost stooped reading because of this. But I hate not finishing something I started.

There are a few gems that stand out, but for me there was nothing spectacular. Many of the stories were previously published in other sources and it shows. They're all set in the same place, but they don't really connect outside of the last handful that suddenly add an overarching plot that has nothing to do with the previous stories. 

Okay read for a free ebook.