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Pure Dead Magic (#1) - Debi Glori

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Definitely a weird book. 

The blurb on the cover told me it would be, "Harry Potter meets Lemony Snicket in a high-tech setting." This was mostly true, but the only comparison to Harry Potter this book can claim is that it has some magical elements: mythical creatures, magic wands, spells. But even the magic is very different. It's more of a mash-up of witchcraft and computers. This made it a little difficult to wrap your head around a times. The back cover calls it, "Mary Poppins meets the Addams Family in a nonstop farce", which I think is more accurate. 

The technology element was a bit confusing as well and took some getting used to. It is less technology-based and more just fantastical computer abilities (i.e. being able to travel by email). 

It feels like a pretty dense book given all of the details in it. The plot is kind of complex and very confusing at times. I did really enjoy the descriptions. The author definitely has a gift for setting the scene: "The sight of all those teeth, askew like tombstones in a disused graveyard..." The metaphors and similes were amazingly creative.

A dark book, a bit creepy. Overall, I liked it though.