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Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion - Elizabeth L. Cline
I'm not a huge fan of fashion, per se, but I'm guilty of buying cheap clothes, because I'm pretty... well... cheap.

This is a eye-opening book that tells you exactly what is wrong with cheap fashion. I really enjoyed reading it. 

I'll admit, the beginning was a bit boring for me, as Cline focuses mostly on fashion for the sake of fashion. She brings up how fast fashion made people less likely to buy high-end fashion, which I didn't really care about. But once she started discussing the environmental and workers' rights issues, it became a fantastic read that calls for change. I especially liked her explanation of the afterlife of clothing when people donate them or throw them away. 

I also enjoyed her focus on altering your own clothes. As someone who has been patching jeans, sewing on buttons, and mending holes with very minimal sewing skills since high school, I could easily resonate with her message.

At the end, Cline gives many ideas of how to shop more responsibly and be better-educated about where clothes come from and how well they are made. This added a bit of hope to an otherwise pretty bleak look at the cheap fashion industry. 

The paperback edition also includes an afterword that gives an update on the world of clothing and clears up a few points, which was helpful.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. It is pretty easy to relate to as Cline mixes in personal antidotes, statistics, and pieces of interviews. A good look at what is wrong with fast fashion and what we, as consumers, can do to fix it. 

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