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Savvy - Ingrid Law

I found a copy of this book in the Little Free Lending Library and was very intrigued by the cover.


Overall, a good book. I really enjoyed the idea of having a savvy and the various issues that arise because of them. The characters were interesting as well and I loved how different they all were. It was really cool to see how their interactions with each other changed as the story went on.


There were only two things I didn't like about the book:


1. It was unnecessarily long. Most of the stuff just felt like filler and it went on and on even though it could have been much more concise. The story itself was good, but it was so stretched out the it really dragged on at times.


2. I love reading books written for younger readers. It makes up for the fact that I read "grown up" books when I was a young reader myself. However, that tiny bit of adult inside me cringed quite a bit at this book. A lot of what happened could have been avoided.There are some not so great decisions made that in real life probably wouldn't have worked out so nicely in the end.


<spoiler> Like no matter how cowardly a stranger seems, don't stow away on their bus. Also, when you're in trouble, just call your completely understanding parents instead of letting them think you got kidnapped and have everyone out looking for you. <spoiler>


Overall, a fairly quick read despite the length. Cool story with a unique premise. A great look at growing up.