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Beagle in a Backpack - Ben M. Baglio

This was a cute read. The story was interesting and filled with lots of twists and turns.

But I felt like the story really dragged out. The plot was all over the place between trying to find Amber and Frisbee as well as figuring out what was wrong with Portia. Both were interesting plot lines, but including both in one book made it feel like too much.

I also couldn't help but dislike Mandy's character. Her love of animals was amiable, but she felt like too much of a grown up. The way she talked and worried about everything made it hard to relate to her (even for me as a "grown up"). Everything about her felt too serious for a children's book.

I also didn't like how Mandy's parents treated her like a grown up. They'd tell her to do something, she'd argue, and they'd realize she was right and let her do her own thing (no matter how irresponsible or dangerous). This felt highly unrealistic. I wanted them to act like real parents at some point.

Overall, an okay read. There is no denying that Frisbee is adorable.