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Judy Moody - Megan McDonald, Peter H. Reynolds

Growing up, I loved reading Judy Moody books. And rereading them as an adult makes me more aware of why I love them so much.

Simple, yet humorous, this book is filled with silly stories about new pets, obnoxious brothers, and friendship.

What I really like about Judy's character is how strong-willed she. I all so like how McDonald writes about Judy's moods. Her bad moods aren't seen as a negative, but rather as a part of life. She shows that bad moods are normal. I remember really identifying with Judy when I was young and the idea that it's okay to be mad, but something good or funny is bound to happen soon.

It's not all princesses and sunshine like a lot of children's books specifically targeted to girls, which I really enjoyed as well. I like that Judy has male friends and it's not a big deal. She likes weird things like collecting doll parts and scabs.

Judy is a very empowering character, because she isn't afraid to be herself, and that is something everyone can learn from.