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Gulliver's Travels - Jonathan Swift, Robert DeMaria Jr.

This book was definitely weird.

While I understand it is written as a satire, most of it went over my head since it is so specific to the time period in which it was written. The notes on the text helped so I got a basic understanding, but still did not get the majority of what Swift was saying.

However, it was still a very creative and entertaining book. There was a lot of adventure, although very slow at times. I really enjoyed the world building of the various places that Gulliver found himself in. I also have to admit that there is something very satisfying in reading about bodily functions in such an elegant and formal writing style. The book was very humorous at times.

One drawback was the inconsistency of Gulliver's character. Sometimes he seems to be the personification of satire, demonstrating his ignorance, while other times he is the one to point out the satirized elements. This was a little confusing at times since sometimes Gulliver seems to be speaking as Swift while other times Swift is using Gulliver to make fun of something.

Overall a good, yet slow read. Very creative and entertaining.