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The Mermaid Tales: Celia's Best Friends: Bedtime story, Beginner reader, Ages 3-8, Books For Kids, Values - Chloe Sanders

This book was okay.

For me, the biggest problem was the writing itself. It was very simple, often too simple ("The sun was warm, and the water was wet"). I realize this is meant for young readers, but the descriptions were very vague. I couldn't really picture the events happening based on the descriptions.

Also, there were many awkward similes like comparing something to a tree or an ice cream cone. These seemed like weird comparisons for creatures who live underwater.

The story was cute, although making the shark the bully was not very original. Also, I didn't like that the main character tricked the shark when she was being mean. Two wrongs don't make a right and all that. If you're teaching kids a lesson, at least stick to that lesson.

Overall, a cute book, but not one that really interested me. I did enjoy the picture.