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Comics Confidential: Thirteen Graphic Novelists Talk Story, Craft, and Life Outside the Box - Leonard S. Marcus, Various

I won a copy of this book from BookRiot.

This is a great book for comic and graphic novel lovers. Consisting of thirteen interviews and presented in question-answer format, this book gives some insight into creating graphic novels.

Each graphic novelist also created a short comic for the book around a central theme. I loved seeing all of the different styles of art included in the book.

The only real drawback for me with this book was that the question-answer format was a little boring to read at times. The interviews were interesting, but I found it best to read an interview, take a break, then read another one. Otherwise, they all kind of blended together.

One thing that really resonated with me personally was how many of the artists discussed feeling pigeonholed into superhero comics. They recalled how freeing it was to discover that an artist can create whatever they want with their art. I have always been fascinated with comics and graphic novels, but don't really like the style and representation of superhero comics and I am so thankful that there are so many more options now. Comics are so diverse today, in part, because of the hard work of some of the graphic novelists featured in this book. I loved the emphasis on being yourself and doing what is meaningful to you.

Overall, a good read. I recommend to people who enjoy reading or creating comics and graphic novels.