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The Wild Kid - Harry Mazer

This was a good book.

I stumbled across it when cleaning out my mom's attic and since I don't think I ever actually read it, I thought I'd give it a try.

I really liked the focus on ability. Sammie proves himself to be a very capable person. As a self-prescribed "special person", he constantly deals with people telling him what he can and cannot do. I love the way the author showed how a person who is differently-abled can still take care of himself.

I also really liked that it was in first person so the reader was really put in Sammie's shoes and sees different issues he faced such as bullying and self doubt .

Mostly the book is about friendship and though it is a weird friendship, I think it goes to show that friends can be found in the most unlikely of places.

Overall, a good, quick read. Kind of weird, but full of heart.