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Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty - Nick Bruel

I enjoyed reading this book. It's a very quick and easy read, but quite funny and adorable.

This is the first Bad Kitty book I have read after the [book:Bad Kitty|690955] picture book, which I also enjoyed. While this book does have chapter headings, there is not very much text and it mostly relies on the pictures. This is not inherently bad, but I think it is good to know going into it. It reads more like a picture book or graphic novel, rather than a chapter book.

I did like that there were little educational things thrown in like why cats can't eat chocolate, why cats scratch things, and different breeds of cats. It's a great way for young readers to learn about cats in a fun and humorous way.

Great book for cat lovers. This is a fun read that we cat people can really relate to.