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The Winemakers: A Novel of Wine and Secrets - Jan Moran

I received a copy of this book from Bookstr/The Reading Room in exchange for an honest review.


This was quite the page-turner. I was intrigued by the first page and it kept my interest until the last.


A really fascinating story that intermixes suspense, romance, and wine making. I'll admit that sometimes that descriptions were a little too detailed for my personal taste, especially when it came to fashion, but there were also many beautiful images created, resulting in a wonderful read.


I really liked Ava and Caterina's charaters. I loved their power and growth throughout the novel.


The shifting focus on different characters and setting worked very well and kept the book interesting. I also liked that there was a lot going on plot-wise, with various issues arising. While much of the plot was fairly predictable, it was still a fun read.


I'm not big into romance books, but this was a pretty mellow one so I enjoyed it. The major relationship in the novel is well-developed without being overly descriptive (although it was a bit creepy at times).


Overall, a very well-written book that is easy to read and tells and fantastic story.