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Mutate - Rob Shepherd, Max E. Stone, Andy Lockwood, Noel Osualdini, Matias Andres Bravo Jara, Samie Sands, Kevin S Hall, Alex Winck, Katie Jaarsveld, McKenzie Richardson

As a contributor to this anthology, I feel it would be unfair for me to rate it, however I wanted to share some of my thoughts and opinions of the unique works included in the book.


I enjoyed this book. It contains stories and poems that are all very different, but center around the theme of mutation. I love the diversity of the work. Some are creepy, some are humorous, some are heartbreaking, and everything in between.


Obviously, I like my own story, "Sticks and Stones". But some of the other works I enjoyed most were "Blood Pool", "Formula 831", and "The Path of the Warrior". I also feel I have to give a shout out to "Outback Attack" for being so creepy and creative.

A very interesting read, sure to make you wonder about the things that go bump in the night.