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Abortion & Life - Jennifer Baumgardner, Tara Todras-Whitehill

This is a fantastic book.


I, myself, am pro-choice already, but reading this book has made me more understanding about many of the issues surrounding the issue of abortion. I think it has helped me see the perspective of those who argue for pro-life and the importance of an open dialogue.


The idea of the I Had an Abortion project is amazing in itself. I think it is great to share the stories of real women who have had abortions to help remove some of the stigma and silence of abortion. The stories included come from many different women who all had different experiences, but each show how abortion can be improved upon, such as counseling/support after the procedure and more openness about abortion itself, as well as legislative reform.


Two of the chapters that I found most influential for me personally were the ones that focused on pro-voice and the possibility of being a feminist and being pro-life. Both of these chapters gave me a different way of looking at the issues in comparison to the traditional pro-choice viewpoint. I think these have helped me strengthen my pro-choice view while still being open to other viewpoints and experiences.


The book also contains a resource guide that includes suggested books, magazines, websites, films, and documentaries as well as information on organizations and funding.


This is a great book whether you have had an abortion or not. It focuses on stopping the silence of abortion and really listening to each other. Definitely an interesting read.