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A Life Everlasting: The Extraordinary Story of One Boy's Gift to Medical Science - Sarah Gray

I received this book through a Shelf Awareness giveaway


This was a very good read. The story was interesting and well-told. I really enjoyed reading Gray's account of her son's short life, the effect it had on her, and how his contribution to medical science helped her cope with his loss.


Gray's need to find out more about where her son's donations went created a fascinating story as well as a testament to the importance of organ and tissue donation for research. I enjoyed how Gray incorporated her own personal history along with the history of medical advancements to demonstrate how important it is for donors and their families to be involved (if they choose to be) in the research their donations are used for.


The story is heart-jerking as well as inspiring. This is a truly moving book. Gray takes an issue that is very personal to her and uses it to advocate for organ and tissue donation for research as well as transplant.


Gray writes in a very clear and coherent voice. I was not surprised to learn that she is the director of communications for AATB. Her writing feels very natural and it is clear that she is passionate about her work.


A fascinating read that sets an example of how the relationship between researchers and donors or their families could and should be. A great read.