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Gathering Blue - Lois Lowry

I absolutely loved this book!

So I read this rather quickly as I had jury duty and had plenty of time to read. I was also able to read it quickly, because it is a hard book to put down. I did not want to stop reading it. I read it during waiting periods and lunch breaks, even while waiting in line to enter the courtroom. This is an amazing book.

The plot itself is very interesting and I enjoyed the dystopian world set up. I also really liked the characters (specifically Kira, Matt, Thomas). For me the first big plot twist was totally unexpected and I loved the mysterious elements of the story.

The thing that really sealed the fate of this book for me was the emphasis on the strengths of the differently-abled. I love the way Kira recognizes her limitations, but still views herself as a strong, capable person. She is caring and thoughtful and had a high moral standard.

I will note that the book seemed to end rather abruptly and for me, did not seem "over". The story may be continued on in the next book, but for me the cliffhanger ending seemed premature.

I highly recommend this book, especially to those who enjoyed The Giver. This is a very interesting series and I cannot wait to read the next book.