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Snow White: A Graphic Novel - Matt Phelan, Matt Phelan
I received a copy of this graphic novel through Book Riot.

I think "Snow White" as a story is horribly creepy, so I am usually pretty hesitant about retellings. But this book is everything graphic novels should be.

First of all, the artwork is simply beautiful. I loved the minimal color usage in the beginning. It really helped focus the attention on the picture and what was going on.The artwork was phenomenal and gave the story a good pace.

I also enjoyed the minimal dialogue. The pictures speak so much without actual words. This is a perfect example of how it should be done. Recently, I read a graphic novel that had so much narration and dialogue, it felt less like a graphic novel and more like an actual novel with pictures. But this graphic novel really utilizes the artwork to further the story and allude to what happened.

The story itself was a creative retelling. I liked the concept of Snow White during the 1920s. And the "dwarf" characters were adorable. I love retellings that take a creepy story and make it less creepy and this one did just that. It points out the weirdness of the whole "awakening kiss" thing, but it's a hard plot point to get around so no judgement for still including it (it's kind of what makes Snow White what it is).

Great book. Highly recommend to those who enjoy fairy tale retellings. I definitely want to check out more by Phelan.