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Amelia to Zora: Twenty-Six Women Who Changed the World - Cynthia Chin-Lee, Megan Halsey, Sean Addy

Awesome book! Beautiful and inspirational! I really enjoyed this book.


The artwork was phenomenal and is a great place to start to get young readers interesting in empowering woman.


I liked that Chin-Lee used the women's first names/given names rather than their family names for each letter. This helped put the focus on the actual woman being recognized.


There was a good variety of women from different backgrounds and occupations. The women were from all of the world, some very famous and some not as well known, but no less inspiring.


Truly an amazing work, great for young readers. Each entry is fairly lengthy, but uses simple language to explain the women's lives and their contributions. There are also quotes from the women themselves (or about them), which added more depth to the entries. A pleasure to read.