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Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret - Judy Blume

Reading this book for the first time as an adult was a little difficult, because it was kind of boring and Margaret's character was so naive and annoying. But I see its value for young readers. Margaret is relatable for the most part (except her excitement about getting her period. "I can't wait to bleed and be uncomfortable once a month for years to come," said no girl ever.).

She deals with many issues that young girls have to go through such as bullying, frenemies, rumors, and jealousy over other girls' bodies. She also deals with issues about religion and who she is as a person.

Some of the events seem forced, like Blume really wanted to get a point across (bullying Laura, confronting Moose), but did so in such an unnatural way that felt out of character for Margaret.

This book has a lot of good messages, but sometimes the way those messages are presented doesn't really mesh with the rest of the book.

Still, sadly, a pretty relevant book for preteen girls to expose them to some issues they will have to deal with as they get older.