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Yes Please - Amy Poehler

This book is so up, down, and all around, it is hard not to love.

It is like being inside Poehler's brain.

Yes, much of the text is very scattered and Poehler will go off on multiple tangents when telling a story, but she always comes back to the original point eventually and gives some advice/insight/humor that makes the whole stream of consciousness thing worth it.

I loved this book. It made me laugh and it made me cry (the latter mostly because I am still in denial that Parks and Recreation is over and done with).

I really liked how positive, Poehler's book was. She is very open about her life and her personality, and even when recounting bad or embarrassing events, Poehler's wit and humor comes out and she produced many touching moments in her book. Poehler's philosophy goes with the flow and accepts things as they are, which is really felt in the book as she talks about herself and her life.

A fun book to read that will definitely make you feel all the feels.