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Rippler - Cidney Swanson

I got this as a free e-book. Because of this, I was actually very surprised by how good it was.

The whole concept of rippling was new and fascinating. I really liked the history that Swanson created.

And I liked the characters as well. Sam is a pretty relatable teenager. Yes, she is dramatic sometimes, but I think under the circumstances, it is understandable why she seems to blow things out of proportion at times.

I thought the plot was interesting as well and I liked all the twists and turns that occurred. But the thing that really hooked me was all the development stuff where things weren't necessarily happening that furthered the plot a whole lot, but were so well-written that they really pulled me in. I felt really connected to the characters and following their day-to-day lives. Usually when I read a book, I often feel that the dialogue is tedious when it sets up various character relationships, but in this book, it felt very natural.

This was a pleasantly surprising book that I really enjoyed. It is the first e-book I have read that was interesting enough for me to want to continue the series.