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The Bitches of Everafter - Barbra Annino

While this was an interesting take on fairy tale classics, it pretty much turned into the show Once Upon a time with a different villain.

The story itself was kind of confusing and the connections were a bit lose. The narration follows various characters, which sometimes works, but I often needed to backtrack in order to remember what had been going on the last time I read about the character.

At the beginning, the story really dragged on and it didn't really pick up until halfway through. However, by the end, the story felt rushed and ended in a very vague cliffhanger that didn't necessarily leave the reader wanting more, but rather feeling disappointed at the lackluster ending to a potentially promising series.

The other big issue with the book was that the reader knows what's going on (to some extent) before the characters do, making the story feel like it is even more drawn out. For another thing, if you're going to have your characters lose their memories, don't give them obvious names like Punzie, Cindy, and Snow White. The reader clearly knew who they were, but the characters had no idea. This made the book feel unnecessarily long.

The characters themselves were pretty shallow and stereotypical. It was often difficult to keep them straight aside from Snow White.

A decent idea, but a real lack of follow through. It's not necessarily a long book, but one that feels long because of the slow storyline.