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Ever After High: Apple White's Story - Shannon Hale

I was actually pleasantly surprised by this prequel. After watching the show on Netflix, I assumed that this book series would feature shallow characters with an interesting twist on traditional fairy tales. I had fairly low expectations for this short little story, but it was actually quite good and a very quick read.

I liked the way Hale sets of the struggles of each character. The story gives a brief introduction of the character and inserts some of the initial conflict that comes later in the series. I especially liked how Hale addressed Apple's blonde hair, something that had been nagging at me while watching the show.

The descriptions in this story were very cool and often humorous, such as, "Her voice was high and a little squeaky, as if all that time spent lost in the woods with squirrels had taken its toll."

This was a good prequel for the series and I look forward to reading the actual Ever After High books.