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The Lament of Sky - BB Wynter

I received this book through Booklikes in exchange for an honest review.

So I think this book would have been more successful with proper proofreading and editing. There were multiple grammatical mistakes, making it difficult to read. At times I had to reread sections multiple times to figure out what the author was trying to say. Also, there were many instances of incorrect word usage, which likewise made it difficult and frustrating to read.

As far as plot goes, I wouldn't really say there is much of one. Lilyth pretty much just journeys around, going from one creepy, abusive male character to the next.

Which leads to my next point: characters. The characters were horrible. The book follows Lilyth who is arrogant, narcissistic, and completely clueless of everything. I get that she has memory loss, but her outspokenness constantly puts her and the other characters in danger. I like female characters who speak their mind, but Lilyth never thinks about the consequences of her actions. She is constantly quieted by the male characters, usually by having them physically cover her mouth. Lilyth sometimes makes a good point in her outrage, but her words are never taken seriously since she is either ignored (calling a man out for treating women as sexual objects) or quieted by males characters (her fight with the bartender over only addressing Sky and not her). Lilyth feels like an attempt at a strong, feminist character, but is really an unsuccessful one who seems to support the assumption that men should be in charge and not women. I want a female character who is strong and smart and can actually act as a force in the book, rather than a hollow form that just follows the men around.

As for the male characters, they aren't very good either. Without giving too much away, I can safely say that most of the male characters' only functions seem to bestow various abuses against Lilyth, from blatant sexual harassment to assault. Lilyth's feelings towards these males is rather confusing as she is sexually attracted to some of them, but also offended at their advances. It feel like a bad rape paradigm.

I was very disappointed with this book in terms of plot and characters.

The only redeeming point for me was the creative fantasy world and some of the monsters, but due to confusing descriptions and grammatical errors it was often difficult to fully understand these ideas.