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It's Come to Our Attention (Third Flatiron Anthologies) (Volume 15) - Juliana Rew, Pauline J. Alama, James H. Zorn, Wendy Nikel, Philip Brian Hall, Hunter Liguore, Nyki Blatchley, James Dorr, Greg Beatty, Terri Bruce, Joel Richards, Marie DesJardin, Arthur M. Doweyko, E. M. Eastick, Lisa Timpf

I received this book from Goodreads in exchange for an honest review.

As far as anthologies go, this one is superb. While the stories vary in writing style and plot, they all share some outstanding qualities: amazing descriptions, in-depth writing, and overall very good quality work. This is quite an impressive collection; there is not a single "bad" story in the book. These are all good qualities stories. Some I liked more than others, but they were all very well done. The stories are all a good length, long enough to tell their tale, but not too stretched out with unnecessary descriptions. I also really liked that there were an equal number of male and female contributors and the inclusion of international authors.

So on the whole I give the book four stars as the average of all of my individual ratings. What follows are a few things that stood out to me in each story as well as an overall rating of the story:

- Surplus Army- 5 stars
Great writing, interesting take on what happens to the things we throw away, a piece that really makes you think

- Agents of the Volurian Empire, Help is On the Way!- 4 stars
Keeps you guessing until the very end, an interesting twist, intriguing science fiction, and a unique narrator

- Midnight on Addison Street- 5 stars
Awesome writing, a great mystery story, and an entertaining and humorous read for any book lover

- Time's Winged Chariot- 4 stars
A cool twist with good writing and some great descriptions

- Spirit Cat- 5 stars
Breathtaking and beautiful, filled with great diction and amazing descriptions, this is a very creative story, simply told, but still impressive

- Ice-Cold- 4 stars
A little weird and vague, but still very interesting

- Chocolat- 3 stars
Definitely the strangest piece, but also the funniest

- The Thing Is, The Basement- 3 stars
An interesting concept with good writing

- The Wishing Well- 5 stars
Very cool descriptions, equal parts sad and creepy

- The Argentine Radio- 5 stars
A creative mystery tale, very intriguing, really pulls the reader in

- All True- 4 stars
Silly with an interesting twist, good writing

- The Translator- 4 stars
A cute story, a nice easy science fiction piece

- Something in Forever- 5 stars
A beautiful story with some amazing description, evokes real emotion

-Deja Vu- 5 stars
Great story, the narrator really pulls in the reader