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How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity: A Guide to Financial Freedom - Patricia Carlin
I got this book for free from a relative so my expectations were not all that high. It was pretty funny overall with cute cat pictures and silly advice.

The style is kind of early-Ellen-Degeneres with jokes that are slightly inappropriate, but extreme enough that you know it is meant to be a joke. However, some jokes I found to be in poor taste like cat suicide (I'm sorry; I've liked on this planet long enough to know that suicide is not a humorous topic).

Also, the author misuses the term "negative reinforcement" (she really means "positive punishment"), which is a common error, but a big pet peeve of mine (thanks a lot BA in psychology; I knew you'd be good for something).

Overall, a silly book. Not uncontrollable laughing kind of fun, but good enough to lift your mood on a bad day.