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Tenth Grade Bleeds - Heather Brewer
Disclaimer: I have not read the first two books and had no knowledge of the plot before I found a copy of this book for two dollars and was intrigued enough by the cover to give it a try without realizing it was the third book in a series.

However, I feel that this book can pretty much be read as a stand alone because there is so much repetition in the writing. It seemed like every other page was a recap of Vlad biting Henry when they were kids, Joss staking Vlad, or D'Ablo trying to kill Vlad. I don't think I missed much from the previous books.

The writing for this book was okay. A lot of repetitive language and not much character development outside of Vlad's constant teenage vampire angst. I usually like characters (especially males) who show an emotional side, but it seemed like Vlad was either sobbing or at least tearing up on almost every page.

The plot was slow and overall the book felt choppy. A week would fly by between chapters, making the timeline seem really long without much insight into events in between.

The fight scenes were good, a little gory with great detail.

Overall, an okay book. I won't be continuing the series, but I don't feel like it was a waste of time. A pretty easy book to read with a cool cover, but not a lot of substance.