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Awake - Natasha Preston
I received a copy of this book from Book Riot.

Based on the previous reviews, I did not have high expectations for this book considering a lot of the reviewers didn't even finish the book.

But I don't really think it was that bad. Yes, the Bella Swan-like main character was horribly irritating and a disgrace to all female leads and the male lead wasn't much better, but the plot was creative and interesting. Having read the entire book, I don't really know why people couldn't finish it. The writing was simple (with a few grammatical errors, in my copy at least), but the plot was intriguing enough for me to speed through this in only two days.

A simple story of an almost Romeo-and-Juliet-esque teen romance that while ridiculous, was also made intriguing by the major plot twist. Not a great book, but a decent read.