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Beautiful Secret - Christina Lauren

I received a copy of this book through Shelf Awareness in exchange for an honest review.

So I usually avoid any books even remotely related to sex because I'm a bit uneasy around that sort of thing. But the cover of this one really drew me in.

The plot itself is highly predictable and the characters are only slightly annoying at times (for the love of God, just get together already!), but what really makes this book stand out is its upfront approach to sex. The authors do a wonderful job of avoiding overly flowery language and creepy metaphors and euphemisms and just say it like it is. Each scene details the actions exactly how the happened, leaving nothing up to the imagination.

I'll admit it, the book is downright hot at times. The plot was a little dull throughout, because it basically plays out exactly how you think it is going to, but the sex scenes are well written and, at times, extremely drawn out. You read this book for the sex not really for the storyline.

So if you like reading about steamy sex, check this one out.

The only major thing I disliked about this book was the nonchalant way sexual harassment in the work place was addressed, or rather not addressed. It was something everyone knew was happening and no one did anything about. So while the book ended happily enough, there just wasn't enough lawsuits for me to be completely happy.