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Separate and Dominate: Feminism and Racism after the War on Terror - Christine Delphy, David Broder

I received this book from Goodreads in exchange for an honest review.

A very deep and profound look at the intersections of racism and sexism, as well as a glimpse into classism and homophobia.

While some of the chapters are a bit dense and take a while to get through, they are packed with information and in-depth explanations that give the reader a better understanding of the complexities of the issues discussed.

The book focuses mainly on the ban of the Muslim veil, but also discusses Guantanamo Bay, affirmative action, and intersectionality, among other things.

I really enjoyed Delphy's explanation of the importance of intersectionality and the impossibility of separating race and sex in issues such as the ban on the Muslim veil.

Also, as an American who is fed American media every day, it was interesting and enlightening to read from a French perspective regarding various topics, dealing with specific American actions (Guantanamo Bay) and worldwide happenings.

As stated previously, some of the chapters are little difficult to get through due to length and the depth of material, but the messages are definitely worth it.