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City Love - Susane Colasanti

I received an Advanced Reader's Edition of this book from Epic Reads in exchange for an honest review.

This is a quick and easy read. Unfortunately it was not a very good match for me and I did not enjoy it.

For starters, nothing really happens in the first three-fourths of the book. The reader follows three women about to start college while they eat, shop, and sometimes do something productive like school or work, but mostly just go on dates with boys, talk about boys, or obsess about boys. At the very end, a bunch of plot bombs are dropped, which seems to try to reveal enough to make the reader want to read the second book, but still wasn't enough to make me interested in the characters or their stories.

Secondly, while the characters are supposed to be starting college, they all act and talk like they're in middle school. They all seem naive and immature. They pretty much just freak out about every little detail of their relationships despite their mantras to stay positive and hope for the best. At times they are annoyingly optimistic. Most of the book seemed unrealistically positive as well, including the supposed drawbacks of the male love interests (one has too much money, another wants to be in a relationship). Everything is written like a middle school girl's daydreams.

The whole book surrounds sexual stereotypes such as men not being able to control themselves around beautiful women (Sadie and Austin) and women being unable to have sex "like men" as if women are wired for relationships and feel guilty when they do hook up (Darcy).

While the writing wasn't bad and the three person narrative style was interesting, there was too much I didn't like about this book for me to enjoy it.