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Falling Into Place - Amy Zhang

I received an ARC of this book from Epic Reads in exchange for an honest review.

My first thought is that this book is very good for having been written by a high school student, but really this book is very good for anybody to have written. Zhang has an amazing talent for words. It is tragically poetic and hauntingly beautiful. Despite the seemingly slow pace, the book really grabs you and refuses to let go. I loved getting into the heads of each character and especially enjoyed the unique narrator.

The one downside of this book is that reading through it rarely left me feeling very good about life. It's a tale of deep depression and everything going wrong, but there isn't much to balance out the negative besides a few fleeing glimmers of hope from time to time. I think the reader has to get into the right mindset before reading.

However, overall I loved this book. I enjoyed how each chapter revealed a new secret and it gave a unique perspective into the mental states of high school students.