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Ashes to Ashes and Cinder to Cinder - Cameron Jace

(Free copy through Kindle store.)

I did enjoy this book a little more than the first prequel. The writing style was much more fluid and not so drawn out. As with the first prequel, I enjoyed the retelling of the fairy tale. Jace is very gifted in making connections between fairy tales, folk lore, mythology, and real history. In that way he is very talented.

I really hated the dynamic between Alice and Loki. I was easily bored by their childish relationship. I know they are supposed to be young, but they bicker and flirt like elementary school children, which was very irritating. Other than the detailed connections, I felt pretty apathetic toward the characters and plot. I was interested in those connections, but didn't really care what happened.

As with the first prequel, the story was interesting, but I don't feel inclined to read the actual Grimm Diaries.