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Ladle Rat Rotten Hut - Cameron Jace

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As with the first three prequels, I liked the story, but hated the writing. The relationship between the wolf-boy Ladle was ridiculously juvenile. The dialouge felt rushed. And the ending was pretty predictable based on the obvious clues through the story.

It seems like Jace spends so much time making creative connections (the color red, scythes, Roman burial rituals) that he has very little time and effort for actually writing the story. The poor writing really drags down the whole story.

Also, the Fortune Cookie tree was ridiculous. Worst interpretation of the Tree of Life I have ever encountered. Receiving the names from the tree was a cool addition to the story, but I could not get over the whole fortune cookie concept. I couldn't help but roll my eyes everything it was mentioned.

Just like the other prequels, interesting retelling, but horrible execution.