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Blood Apples - Cameron Jace

(Free book from Kindle store.)

Pretty much everything I have disliked about the other prequels holds true for this one as well. I was happy when Rapunzel showed up (finally an actual Grimm character is a series supposedly dedicated to Grimm stories). Although Jack also appears (the one with the beanstalk) and allusions are made to Adam and Eve as well as Romeo and Juliet (or Pyramus and Thisbe if you prefer), it was refreshing to see that the whole Grimm concept was not completely lost in the need to incorporate any and all characters related to myths and fairy tales.

Decent story. Not so good writing. Also, I am disappointed that Jace continues to pair off all of the characters in awkward relationships that come off as juvenile due to poorly written dialogue. Jack and Marmalade both seemed ridiculous, as have all of the other fairy tale couples in the series.

I have reached the end of the free Kindle prequels so I am officially done with the series and not too disappointed in this fact.

As with the other books, great idea for a story with writing that just doesn't pull through.