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Princeless Book One: Save Yourself - Jung-Ha Kim, Jeremy Whitley, M. Goodwin, Dave Dwonch

I had pretty high expectations for this book based on how much I loved the sampler I read. But... wow! This volume took my breathe away. Amazing! I'm actually stunned by how perfect it is. It's almost like a Saga #1 for kids.

I love the artwork, loved the characters, and loved the story. Everyone should read this graphic novel. Hilarious and appropriate for all ages. I wish I had read this when I first got into comics (it could have saved me some time from despairing over stereotypical, two-dimensional female characters that are so characteristic of many comics).

This book is clever and creative. I love that Adrienne is a female hero without having to emphasize that she is still a female by prancing around in a ridiculous outfit or baring cleavage to compensate for other "masculine" traits (both of which are made fun of in the book, adding to it's awesomeness).

I cannot emphasize how perfect this book is. A must read for all comic fans, especially younger audiences and those just starting to get into comics.