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Blue Monday Volume 1: The Kids Are Alright - Chynna Clugston Flores

Garbage. Complete garbage.

After reading the Hopeless Savages Volume 1 series, I figured I'd give more of Clugston's work a try. And oh my gosh was that a mistake.

The artwork was fine when not depicting teenage girls in their undergarments or wearing shirts that show off their balloon-breasts. But the dialog and the story... what the hell?!?

First of all, I could not figure out if Victor and Alan were friends or just guys who follow the main characters around and sexually harass them. The whole prank war in the first chapter and having "panty shots" of Clover is beyond messed up. I also hated that the females just put up with it. When the boys are outside the window, watching them get dressed, they just tell them to go get ready. Seriously? I almost threw this trash across the room.

Scene after awkwardly-horrible scene depicts the teenage girls being degraded (wet t-shirt contest? Really?) and doing nothing about it. They get mad, but they don't usually speak out against any of the harassment. I am so disappointed that I actually bought this.

I'm not sure if this was supposed to point out sexism's existence since it really didn't play into the plot very much, but if anything it trivialized it. It makes sexual harassment a joke. It gives the message that it's okay to comment of a female's breast size, big or small. It says voyeurism is normal and funny. It is degrading and demeaning. I can't believe I wasted time and money on this. At least I know now that Clugston's other works are not for me.

The short stories at the end were no better. I think "Cuntageously Yours" sums it up pretty well, in which one of the guys accidentally asks an "unattractive" girl to a dance.

The only reason I got through this awful thing was because I told myself once I posted a review, I could actually throw the book.

Update: Throwing the book across the room has made me feel slightly better about my loss of time. I will never get those minutes back, but at least I got to throw something. The only other time I've ever throw a book was when I sunk to reading Twlight, so take from that what you will.