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Batgirl, Vol. 1: The Darkest Reflection - Gail Simone, Vicente Cifuentes, Ardian Syaf


I love this reboot. While there are still a few "male gaze" positions Batgirl is drawn in, her costume is much improved.

I really liked her hilarious commentary, especially during fight scenes. She has some uncertainty in herself, but she's smart and still manages to figures things out. There is such a realistic balance between ability and uncertainty.

I also enjoyed the anti-domestic violence undertones. It was such a good model for how media sources can subtly promote a no-tolerance view of domestic violence.

There was also a good balance between fighting villains and dealing with personal life (family, roommate, romantic relationships). I really liked that all the romance stuff didn't overshadow Batgirl's capacity in crime fighting.

A very good comic book. Interesting villains. Great fight scenes. And a realist heroine who has problems, but isn't completely helpless. It's books like this that give me hope that I can actually enjoy superhero comics, because there are better, capable females in them.

A very good book even for those just starting out, because you ready don't need a lot of background knowledge to understand what is going on.

Would definitely recommend.