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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross

Despite the silly love triangles, which do get a little irradiating at times, I still really love this book series. Having read the third book of the series first, The Girl with the Iron Touch, I think I've just ignored the on-again-off-again flirtations between all the characters, because by the third book everyone is pretty much paired off.

My favorite part of this series are the characters. Well, really just Emily and Finely. I love that they both are tough in their own ways and instead of being caricatures of powerful women, they each have their own interests and personalities without being confined by harsh gender stereotypes.

As with the other books, the language is pretty simple so it is a fairly quick read even though it appears long. Also, it is mostly plotting and actions so it's easy to read a lot in one sitting.

Can't wait to get the fourth book.