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The Strange Case of Finley Jayne - Kathryn Smith

This is a fantastic prequel!

While I love this series and the novels are quick-paced and action-packed, this short story flowed a little better than the novels because it solely focused on Finley's character whereas the novels constantly jump between characters. This prequel is just as action-packed, just in a smaller package.

This story sets up the rest of the series nicely and I enjoyed the little appearances from the Duke. I really liked that this story focused on Finley and I think it really helps build her character. It's nice to just see her without all the sloppy love triangles that appear in the novels.

It did seem a likely strange to me that Finley seems pretty in control of her other half (but maybe it's just because it is still developing and is relatively new?). Her other half does not seem as dramatic as it does later in the first book and works in her favor rather than being much of a problem.

I was not planning on reading the other short stories in the series, but after this one, I just might. Very well done.