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My Point... And I Do Have One - Ellen DeGeneres

A quick, fun read.

The tone of this book is very conversational. It's rambling and random and is often interrupted by semi-related tangents. But that makes it no less of a fun journey. This book is like talking to a close friend who happens to be quite witty and also famous.

The jokes range from references that I personally do not understand (considering I was 4-years-old when it was published) to things that actually had me laughing out loud. Many of the situations are relatable and some are actually very important topics that DeGeneres discusses while still maintaining the humorous tone of the book such as the chapters, "Ellen DeGeneres is a Man" and "How to Explain Sex to a Child", two of my personal favorites.

At times the writing seems tedious, but DeGeneres makes up for it with relaxed conversation that makes it feel like she's really talking to you personally (and in one chapter she actually does). Throughout the book, she jokes about the number of words she is supposed to write, making the last chapter feel inclusive, like you are in on the joke. It's really quite brilliant how DeGeneres can make the whole reading experience so friendly and familiar.

This was a very unique book and I'm glad I finally got around to reading my mother's coffee-stained copy that has been sitting on her shelf for as long as I can remember.