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Rookie Privateer (Privateer Tales Book 1) - Jamie McFarlane

I received a copy of this book from Booklikes in exchange for an honest review.

In no way was this a bad book. If anything I was a bad reader for this particular book. I hate reviwing books that were well written but not my style. Here it goes.

McFarlane's writing is very matter-of-fact, straight forward, and technical. If you really like sci-first mechanisms and machinery and how they work, this is a great book for you. Unfortunately, I'm not such a huge fan and was a little bored with the in-depth descriptions. Also, these descriptions read more like a technical manual, which is not a bad thing, but again, not what I really enjoy reading. There is no flowery language in this book, so if you are like me and need a little fluff in your descriptions, look elsewhere. Said descriptions due have a tendency to get a little long as do those describing mundane events. I definitely could have skipped over the cleaning scenes (I get it, you're still cleaning. It's still gross. If it's not interesting to you, it sure as hell isn't interesting to readers.)

My only real criticism was that I hated the descriptions of female characters. There was some really creepy 'male gaze' stuff going on. While men were described as being short with brown eyes, every curve of the female bodies were analyzed and when the main character was caught admiring them, most of the time the women responded by giggling, winking, smiling, or shooting back a flirtatious line. If some guy was gawking at me in such a way, I can tell you none of those would be my first reaction. As far as females went in the book, most didn't do anything. Tabby definitely had potential, but Liam's fascination with her anatomy distracted me from her as an actual character. The same holds true for Marny. She was pretty awesome and led most of the action at the end of the book, but Liam's repetitive descriptions of her curves rely emphasized the whole 'what a great fighter (for a woman)". And to keep the spoilers to a minimum, I was disappointed in the compulsive need to pair off strong females. I need a little more out of my characters.

Overall, not bad, mostly just not a good match for me. If you like straight forward writing with no flowery descriptions, check this book out. It's an interesting story with lots of twists and turns